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Expanding the capabilities of printed products

We created Web-AR.Studio to help you create the most fun and interactive print products
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AR photos

AR has led to a renaissance in printing your favorite photographs. Connect photos with digital technology and make them more attractive
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Come to life business cards

Impress potential customers with come to life business cards complete with photos, videos and a variety of interactive content
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AR photo albums

Create an album that comes to life that lets you relive your best moments

See examples of printed materials coming to life

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How it works?

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How do I create an AR project?

It's simple! With Web-AR.Studio, you can create your first augmented reality scene in just 30 seconds. Visual 3D models, photos and videos come to life in students' browsers on smartphones and tablets!


Animate projects right in your browser

Scan the QR code
Point the camera at the photo

Or open in app without pre-installation*

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*Opens without pre-installation on Android 8 and above and iOS 14 and above

Track your Analytics

Track the performance of your own WebAR projects and improve their performance by the built-in analytics system

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Learn more about how to use Web-AR.Studio

We'll show you how to do this and answer all your questions in our educational AR webinar!