About us

Web-AR.Studio is a team of professionals united by the aspiration to democratize the process of creating AR. We develop flexible and adaptive interfaces and proprietary CV libraries, making the creation and viewing of AR accessible to everyone.

We support your ideas

Our team with experience in marketing, design, and development is always there to help you bring your bold AR ideas to life, creating captivating visual experiences that propel the future forward today

Increasing accessibility of AR for everyone

We aim to break down barriers around AR, so that every person can easily create and enjoy the magic of augmented reality without any programming skills, all in just one touch

Always one step ahead

Our team constantly improves and adapts the editors, libraries, and applications to meet the users' needs. Together, we are looking into the future of AR with endless possibilities!

Revolutionarily curious

We are not afraid to ask bold questions and seek answers to them! We are constantly exploring new ways to transform augmented reality, expand its applications, and amaze our users with fresh ideas and possibilities


Web-AR.Studio - this is

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  • Monash University
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