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Using the easy-to-use interface in Web-AR.Studio, you can quickly create multi-stage AR applications using video, images, audio, buttons, links, and more.

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Drag and drop videos, images, audio, text, buttons and do it with amazing scene transitions
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Thousands of marketers, educators and small business owners around the world can take advantage of Web-AR.Studio to quickly add additional information, interactivity and magic to their print, teaching and sales materials.

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How do I create an AR project?

It's simple! With Web-AR.Studio, you can create your first augmented reality scene in just 30 seconds. Visual 3D models, photos and videos come to life in students' browsers on smartphones and tablets!


Animate projects right in your browser

Scan the QR code
Point the camera at the photo

Or open in app without pre-installation*

Scan the QR code
Point the camera on the photo

*Opens without pre-installation on Android 8 and above and iOS 14 and above

Learn more about how to use Web-AR.Studio

We'll show you how to do this and answer all your questions in our educational AR webinar!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Viewing and publishing of any projects created on Web-AR.Studio does not require any prior special software. Everything happens right in your browser
At the current stage of the platform's work, the creation of any projects in an intuitive 2D editor, no skills.
Any project created in Web-AR.Studio works in all possible platforms and browsers. Currently, technical implementation functions are working, WebAR applications that sometimes work less stable compared to mobile applications, but all instabilities have been fixed when the platform was released from beta testing)
  • audience reach is 2x bigger than Instagram or Snap: about 3.5 billion people
  • The average time of using augmented reality is more than 2 minutes!
  • The end user should not download other people's mobile applications to view AR projects. It is enough to do just 2 steps: go to the site with your domain and hover over the tracked object
  • Instant updates of WebAR applications without the need to wait for validation of application stores
  • WebAR applications are very easy to integrate into current products or advertising campaigns. No changes in business processes are required for implementation
Yes. We help with the creation and promotion of augmented reality projects right in real time in our discord server. In addition, you can request from us to create your own demo by clicking on the “demo request” button located in the header of the constructor.
  • The basic functionality of our platform is absolutely free. No time limit for use. No need to connect bank cards.
  • All projects created on Web-AR.Studio work directly in the browser and do not require downloading special applications for viewing / editing AR
  • The most understandable and functional 2D online editor among all existing analogues, necessary to create animated content
  • The only editor with the ability to seamlessly create projects with multiple triggers and multiple trigger scenes at the same time
  • There is no need to embed Google Analytics and set up counters. Our built-in analytics have already done it for you
  • Development of WebAR without code and 3D skills
  • Convenient creation of the most popular projects: reviving photo albums, reviving business cards, etc. thanks to AR templates for projects and scenes
It is not only possible, but also necessary. Especially for this, we have built an analytics system right into your personal account.
Yes. We understand that creating complex concepts like “come to life album” requires a large number of come to life photos. That is why we have implemented the ability to intuitively add up to 9 animated photos in one project. Plus, you can use project templates to create projects faster.
Yes. In addition, you can make quite complex concepts using several 3D scenes at the same time on one or several triggers at the same time. This will come in very handy for truly impressive albums, menus, ads and more.
You can follow all the future features of the platform on our discord server and github

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